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Competition in 2017 will be fierce. Give yourself a chance with a real estate pro

Happy New Year! Many of you real estate buyers out there have access to a lot of the websites and systems us brokers do, with a few restricted exceptions. Couple that with the myriad resources to be had in this digital age and you probably feel like anything is possible. That finding, and successfully purchasing, the perfect home should be a walk in the park. It's a nice mindset to have, but I can tell you from experience that it’s a little tougher than that. Especially heading into 2017.

You don’t need a license to sell real estate to know the market is red hot. With mortgage rates still artificially low, we are routinely seeing homes selling for over-asking with packed open houses, pools of qualified buyers and inventory levels still in the basement. So…what is a ready and able market-savvy home buyer to do? Get a leg up on the competition and get yourself a real estate professional.

We scour through thousands of listings a week, see hundreds of properties a year, know the neighborhoods in and out and work with a network of like-minded sales people everyday. In many cases we’ve sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate and have seen or been a part of every conceivable situation. We integrate with partners and vendors to provide the highest level of service to our clients from top-tier mortgage pros and attorneys to home designers and contractors. And, we use every bit of knowledge and experience to give you the best chance of not only finding that perfect home, but also closing on it.

Millennials, as a group, seem to have it figured out when it comes to making that ever-important purchase, with 90% of them deciding to use a real estate agent to facilitate the process. Older generations, whether due to experience or other factors, tend to solicit real estate representation at a lower rate.

The reality is, property is expensive. Here in Boston, outrageously so. Not everyone is a cash buyer with an unlimited budget with which to blow the doors off the competition. Buyers need to pick and choose when and where they engage, often having to show great patience and determination. It can be frustrating, but doesn't have to be. So...get a seasoned professional on your team and get a leg up on your competition!

Contact Mariano Smith & Co. for a no obligation consultation. We're happy to discuss your real estate goals and provide you with the team to make them a reality.

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